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Ightenhill Primary School

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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Class Teacher - Mrs. Taylor


Science Week

Ice Excavation


The children were given the task of thinking of ways to get some toys out of frozen blocks of ice. Look at how they got on...

Floor Book Work

This half term we have been basing our floor book work on the story ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar. The children have enjoyed using the laptops to find out about where penguins live. They compared Antarctica to Burnley and they planned what they would need to take with them on a trip to Antarctica. Of course, we also had to learn about penguins! We watched videos and used information books to learn about how they grow and we created a life cycle in our floor books. Mrs Taylor found a frozen teddy on her way to school and the children had to think about what could have happened and then how we could warm him up again. What a busy half-term!

Our second 'Skills to Play' session

Weighing in maths

Skills to Play

We are very lucky to be having a specialist coach working with us this half term. Ben, from Burnley Leisure is coaching the children in 'Skills to Play'. Here are some photos of our first session working with him...


Christmas in Class 1

Father Christmas found time to come and see us. He brought us all a lovely book which we can enjoy at bedtime with our parents. We enjoyed singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to Father Christmas and he joined in ringing his bells.


On party day, we came to school in our Christmas jumpers and played party games. Pass the parcel was lots of fun! We created our own dance of the snowmen after seeing it on 'The Snowman'. After a busy morning, we were ready for our Christmas dinner!

Our Nativity

We had a lot of fun performing our version of the Christmas story for our grown ups. We loved wearing costumes and showing off our wonderful singing voices. The children and our old teachers from Ightenhill Nursery even came to see us perform. We were all very proud of our hard work.


Our Trip to Thornton Hall Farm


We had a fantastic day at Thornton Hall Farm. We all had fun singing songs on the journey there. When we got there, we went to collect fresh eggs from the chickens. After that, we went to meet some of the other farm animals. We saw cows, goats, donkeys, horses, lamas and even some large emus. Next, we got to meet the pigs and fed some calves and sheep. Before lunch, we had time to play in the play barn where we rode on tractors, played on a bouncy castle, petted small animals and had fun on the huge slides. After a busy morning, we were all ready for our packed lunches. The afternoon was even more exciting! We went into the Winter Wonderland where we made magic keys to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. Then we got a fabulous surprise… Father Christmas had come to see us! We all got to meet him and he had even brought us a present. The children all remembered their manners and thanked him for their gift. After a very busy day at the farm, the children were tired out and some even fell asleep on the bus back home.

Floor book approach in Key Stage 1


Here is some information on the 'floor book' approach we use in Reception and Year 1. 

Learning Letter Autumn 2- Class 1

We had a spooky time at the Halloween disco.

Floor Book Work


We found a birthday card for Tiger and decided to plan a birthday party for him. The children form Class 1 had lots of exciting ideas to make his party special. Some children made birthday cards for him, others found a nice present for him and wrapped it carefully. The children used a lot of skills to wrap the presents. They needed to measure the paper, cut it carefully, wrap it around the gift and then cut pieces of sellotape to secure it all. A few children asked a friend to help them. No party would be complete without party food so the children raided our junk modelling box to find treats for Tiger. We also made crowns and measured our heads to make sure that they fit. The children wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Tiger so they brought musical instruments to play as they sang. Tiger had a wonderful birthday!

Our First P.E. Lesson

On Friday, Class 1 had their first P.E. lesson. The children were fantastic at getting into their P.E. kits and were very proud of themselves for only needing a little help. Once ready, we went to the hall to warm up and then played some movement games. We all had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next lesson.

What a busy few weeks!


The children in Class One have been very busy in their first few weeks at Ightenhill Primary. They have been having lots of fun making new friends and settling into the new routines. Here is a little peek into what they have been up to.