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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Class Teacher - Miss Slater



As part of our Tiger Who Came to Tea topic, we tried fruit that we haven't tried before. We tried mango, pineapple and butternut squash. The children did really well at trying the fruit and had a go even if they were unsure. We discussed which was our favourite and any that we didn't like. The children tried hard to describe the taste and the smell. 
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The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The Tiger Who Came To Tea 1
This afternoon we had a fantastic time with our parents. Both the children and the parents enjoyed being creative and completing different activities. 
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This term we are looking at the story 'Knuffle Bunny.' As part of our topic, the children enjoyed a trip to the launderette. We loaded the washing machine, put money in, put the washing in a spinner and hung the washing out to dry. 
Class 2 really enjoyed Science Week! We had a lot of fun exploring different ways to melt ice. The children came up with really good ideas and tested them out. We enjoyed ice fishing. We found out that cold water does melt ice but hot water melts ice the fastest. We also had fun painting blocks of ice and seeing what difference it made to our paintings when the ice started to melt.  

Science Week

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Tots on Tyres

Harry taught us how to ride a balance bike. We learnt about how to keep safe whilst riding a bike and played fun games. 

This half term we have been looking at the story Penguin by Polly Dunbar. We have looked at and discussed the life cycle of a penguin. Miss Slater also found a teddy bear on the way to school and it was frozen! We had a discussion about how the teddy became frozen and had a think about different ways to melt the ice.
After we had read the story, we acted out different parts. We created Freeze Frames of Ben pulling funny faces at the penguin, Ben ignoring penguin and Ben tickling penguin.

In Maths we have been using Numicon to help us with our learning. We have been matching numerals to quantities and working out how much we have altogether, using two pieces of Numicon.

We have been creating and recreating patterns using different objects. 

Finally, we have been exploring weight, length and height. We have used weighing scales to weigh different objects and learnt the vocabulary heaviest and lightest. We also ordered objects from longest to shortest and tallest to smallest. 

Class 2 really enjoyed their Christmas dinner! We had a good time playing different games and winning prizes.
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Thornton Hall Farm.


We had a really good time at Thornton Hall Farm. Mrs Claus met us at the coach and spent the whole day with us! We saw lots of different animals. We stroked some and even got chance to feed some! We wrote a letter to Santa and Mrs Claus gave us a special key to hang on our trees. We were so lucky we got to see Santa and he gave us all a present!

Floor book approach in Key Stage 1


Here is some information on the 'floor book' approach we use in Reception and Year 1. 

During Autumn 2 we will be exploring the story Elmer by David Mckee.

During Autumn 2 we will be exploring the story Elmer by David Mckee. 1
This half term we have been looking at a story called Billy's Bucket. In the story it is Billy's birthday and he wanted a bucket! The children have been talking about their birthday experiences and helping Fred celebrate his birthday. The children have also been exploring capacity. We had a look at different sized buckets and tried to fill the buckets with different objects.