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School Council Information

Healthy Lunch Questionnaire


School Council want to thank everyone  who completed the School Council lunch box questionnaire.

Gracie-Rose Ford, from Class 2, was the lucky winner of the Tesco £5 voucher!

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Our Harvest Collection

Our Harvest Collection  1

The votes are in!


Class 5          Harry Foster                Lexi Skye Tibbs

Class 6         Ashton Fleming             Evie Ostle

Class 7         Harvey Rigby                Destiny Mohammed

Class 8         Cory Ashworth             Sophie Hitchon

Class 9         Tilly James                  Leon Apostloff-Boyarin  

Class 10       Ashleigh Dean              Maddie Williams

Class 11       Riley Carter                 Jessica Gregory-Spedding

Class 12       Joseph Mitchell             Leela Burfield  


Pupil Parliament Representative

Amy Wilkinson



Leela Burfield



Joseph Mitchell


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Voting 2
Voting 3
Voting 4
Voting 5
Voting 6
Voting 7
Voting 8
Voting 9

Elections 2016-2017


On Thursday, children from classes 5 to 11 went to the polling station in our Key Stage 2 hall. The children had their official polling cards and ballot papers so that they could cast their vote. 


All the children have enjoyed getting to know how the voting system works and were keen to cast their votes. 

The children are now waiting in suspense to find out the results of the vote. 

All of our children have worked hard over the last few weeks by giving presentations and making posters in class. The children who wished to run for School Council have advertised themselves for the position and got support from their classes.