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11th May Home Learning Pack and Weekly Lessons

There is a link to our Home Learning page above. Alternatively, I have placed all the documents in to their subjects below.

Weekly plans based on year 5 texts from the Lancashire English Team



These are weekly English lesson plans for you to follow if you so wish. They are broken down into days, and all of the resources you would need to access the unit of work are available online. The resources access YouTube and a website where you can read the books online. You need to register on the site, but registration is free. 


These plans are produced by Lancashire and are suitable for the year group but due to the nature of YouTube, we cannot guarantee what pop-ups may appear when you watch the videos at home; in school we have filters set to keep us safe. It would be your responsibility to supervise if you felt this necessary.


Kind regards, 

Mrs Jones and Miss Embley x

Here is an example of a timetable you could try to work towards. I understand that this won’t always be possible every day as you might be doing other activities with your parents and siblings – it is just an idea to help you structure your day.




Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Jones x

PSHE Lessons


Making decisions are very important every day and this little information pack will discuss what influences our opinion. Try and fit this in during your week and complete the two resources. If you want, you could always email your work to me!