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11th May

W/C 11th May


Good morning on what should have been our long awaited SATS week. We can't believe that this week is finally here and we are all sat working from home. This is undoubtedly a week of mixed emotions for many of you. We come into year 6 every year with 'the dreaded SATS' at the front of our minds; and every year, we tell our children, as long as you work hard and 'be the best that you can be', that's all anyone can ask of you. 


We know how hard you have worked in year 6 and rest assured, our year 6 team know you all very well - some of you surprisingly well - meaning we do not need to worry about your scores on one day to know what you have achieved, both academically and socially. We will talk to you and your parents about all the wonderful things you have brought to our year 6 classrooms and let them know how much progress you have made. 


Your future high schools are also in contact with us and they are doing their very best to plan for your transition. We always talk to them at this time of year so they will have all information they need before you start. 


So, for this week, enjoy your time at home, we know you have come so far and don't need the tests to tell us how amazing you all are. Keep up the good work year 6, 

Lots of love from

Mrs Baron, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Dunderdale, Mrs Stowell and Mrs Duckworth x

Everybody Worries...


Everybody Worries is a fantastic book! It is full of engaging, colourful, fun pictures but also wise words to help young children recognise that worried feelings are normal, and to share helpful, practical tips for getting worries under control. I am confident that this book will be helpful for children right now but also in their future, post-covid-19 lives.

Cathy Creswell, Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford