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15th June

Good morning year 6!


Well, we are already on the 2nd week of summer term! It's ages since we have seen you and we are really missing you! I think Mrs Pearson is desperate for some 'young adult' company! It's hard to have a normal conversation with our little ones that don't revolve around Roblox, for Hattie and Maxwell, and Kids City gaming and Sonic, for Charlie. surprise I think we have both learnt recently that we are definitely key stage 2 teachers and are very grateful to have year 6 like you! We miss your chatter and excitement. For those of you who have been in school as key worker children - we can't believe how much you have grown! I think you will be towering over me, Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Stowell but Mrs Pearson might be okay for a little longer.


It is nice to see a few more of you on the Purple Mash site as we can monitor what you are doing on there and give you feedback. We know some of you are collecting packs but I also think some of you might not be accessing everything you can. Things are very uncertain at the minute; we are hoping to be back in the classroom next week, but not everyone will be back and this means it is very important for you to be completing the work you have been set. We are here for anything you need so please let us know if you can't access the work or if you aren't sure what you are supposed to be doing. A word of warning now...the maths lessons over the next few weeks are not easy (fractions, decimals and percentages) and we do not want you falling out with your parents if they have their own way of doing things! Remember the methods you have been taught but if there is something you cannot do, just leave it. We are lucky that at this stage in the year, the sessions are mostly revision and practising skills so it's not a problem if you need to leave it and come back to it with a teacher. You will also find this when you go to high school - there will be lots of concepts and methods you will learn over and over again. 


Mrs Pearson was working hard on transition forms last week; we have spoken to most of your high schools now to let them know all about you. Keep looking at their websites for updates on transition and what to expect in September or whenever you return. There are lots of schools doing virtual tours, giving suggestions about how you learn about your new school and answers to questions you might have. 


We hope to hear from you soon - remember to email us pictures of you and a quick hello now and again!


Lots of love

Mrs Baron and Mrs Pearson x