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Ightenhill Primary School

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Monday 18th January


English Grammar

To explore the functions of fronted adverbials

In this lesson, the children will work to correct a sentence, review learning about fronted adverbials, before practising writing fronted adverbials that would be useful for their writing in this unit.


English Reading

To read a new text and consider the author’s use of language

In this this lesson, the children will read a new account of a Blitz survivor and look at some of the language used to help them build comprehension. They will also make some brief comparisons between the two texts.



Applying addition and subtraction

In this lesson pupils practice representing decimal numbers and apply previous learning to solve addition and subtraction problems. Pupils will use bar models and other representations to help them make sense of the word problems, before applying calculation strategies to find the solution.



Who is Katherine Johnson?

In this lesson, we will learn about Katherine Johnson's main achievements and the story of her life. We will learn how she used maths to get rockets into space and back home safely. We will learn what trajectory is and draw the trajectory for different objects.