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Tuesday 19th January


English Grammar

To explore using pronouns (relative and possessive pronouns)

In this lesson, children will define key word classes, review knowledge of personal and possessive pronouns and then edit a short paragraph using pronouns to avoid repetition.



English Reading

To consider how reading can provide people with a way of learning new things

In this lesson we will review everything we have learnt from reading the survivors' stories. The children will then make a mind map showing what the book they are currently reading or have recently read is teaching them. Finally, the teacher will suggest books the children might like to read if they are interested in learning more about WW2.



Arithmetic paper – see school website for the paper.

Arithmetic paper

For your maths lesson today, we would like you to complete the Arithmetic paper. You do not need to print the paper, you can just record your answer in your book. Complete as many of the questions as you can, leaving any you are unsure of; the paper should take between 30-45mins. The last page of the booklet contains the answers for you to check your work. 

Topic – History

Ancient Greece

What were the great achievements of the Ancient Greeks?

In this lesson, we will review why the Ancient Greeks were so influential, analyzing their great achievements and how these are influential to this day.