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Ightenhill Primary School

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To explore the function of apostrophes

In this lesson, children will review the function of apostrophes before identifying how apostrophes have been used in different examples.


To engage with the text

In this lesson, we will engage with the text and read the opening chapters. In this text, the main character is sent to a juvenile correction centre.



Find the value of missing angles

In this unit we will be studying angles. We will deepen your understanding of angles by applying your understanding to find and calculate missing angles within diagrams and 2-D shapes. You will also consolidate your understanding of properties of shapes, comparing and classifying 2-D shapes. In today’s lesson we will use algebra and bar models to represent problems and calculate missing angles.



See PE section of website for some challenges or log on to Joe Wicks via YouTube.

**Adults – be careful with the pop ups when using YouTube**


PSE - optional

Life is all about balance

In this lesson, our learning objective is to learn about what makes a balanced lifestyle. Within this lesson, we will compare and contrast two very different lifestyles. Our two main characters will take part in a race which they have prepared for very differently. Who will win? This will help the children to understand that there are different components which make up a balanced lifestyle and from this, they will then create a prompt to stick somewhere in the house.