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3rd May

VE Day Activities


The website above has some lovely activities for you to make for Friday's VE Day celebrations (staying safe at home).  

Liverpool War Museum


Whilst in lockdown, some of our Year 6's have been watching isolation history lessons from Western Approaches, the underground war bunker in Liverpool. . They’ve looked jobs people did in the room, rationing, coding, evacuees and entertainment.   Follow the link below to find out more.


VE Day Poetry Activity


Above is a link to English Live!  An Introduction to War Poetry.  Today, I have received an email from Harriet.  She has asked me to share this activity with you as she loved it!  


Here is Harriet's wonderful poem below...

Science Activities for the Whole Family!


PSTT and Science sparks resources for schools


Have some fun at home with these science activities!


  • Science Fun at Home
  • Engineering Our World (famous Scientists)
  • Challenge Chasers


This resource provides some excellent practical learning opportunities with clear guidelines.  It is focused on the skills of Working Scientifically so it allows children (and parents!) to get stuck in!




Wild Days from Earth Watch

  • Daily video and related activities linked to exploring the outdoors specially produced in accordance with ‘Stay at Home’ guidelines.



The Great Bug Hunt Competition


A fantastic habitat competition open to families  during lockdown (following ‘Stay Home’ guidelines). Perfect for our Year 2 and Year 4 children but everyone is welcome to have a go!



ASE Coronavirus Hub


Here you will find a number of lessons plans which enable you and your child to learn together.

  • What Are You Up To?


During these difficult times, Mrs Baron and I need some cheering up!


Have you either:


* Been creative and made a model of something?

* Practised your drawing techniques? Cast your minds back to our art lessons.... Maya temple? shells?

* Made a delicious snack/cake for your family to enjoy?

* Read a book that you would like to share with us? 

* Been practising a musical skill? Brass? singing? keyboard?

* Helped younger brothers and sisters with home schooling?

* Or simply helped your Mum or Dad with household jobs?


If so, send a picture of to me or Mrs Baron on: -


I will then put these up in our KS2 hall, along with work from other children in our school, to create a display of our achievements during this unusual time. 


Stay safe and we can't wait to see what you have been up to!!


Mrs Pearson and Mrs Baron xxx



Hello Year 6!


Hi guys, its Mrs Pearson. Just to let you know,  I am in school each Friday if any of you need anything.  You can contact me anytime on or Mrs Baron on If you need to speak to me, please ring during school hours any Friday. Mrs Baron is in school on Wednesdays if you need anything. 


Hope you are okay, we both miss you all.


Stay safe,


Mrs Pearson and Mrs Baron xx