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Why not explore the Canal and River Trust website for lots of fun things to do this summer?







May Extra Activities - Can't get enough of English? Keep calm and read below


I have attached another booklet for English. This one is super for enhancing your writing skills by using interesting sentence starters called Fronted Adverbials.

Task based on Captain Tom Moore


I am sure that I am not the only person who has been inspired by this amazing gentleman during our time spent at home, so I thought I would share a comprehension with you Class 8, so that you can learn about his story and answer some questions about him.


If you are in Mrs Reynolds English group, please attempt the text and questions that have two stars at the top. If you are in my English group or somebody else's English group, please try the text and questions that have one star at the top. Have fun!

May - Maths Update


Please continue with Week 5 on White Rose Maths at the link below:


Do not forget to use BBC Bitesize's Maths lessons either for further challenges :-)








Learning From Home - English


In English this week, I would like you to read the booklet 'The Stone Trolls' by Dean Thompson. Once you have read it, complete a couple of pages a day as part of your English home schooling. If you have a printer at home, you could print the pages off but don't worry if you do not have a printer - just complete the work using a pencil and paper.

Listen to 'A Bad Case Of Stripes' read by Sean Astin by clicking on the following link. Perfect just before bed! Why not get someone at home to video you reading your favourite book? You could then email me this for me to see!

Learning From Home - Maths


Click on this link to access White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 4. Here, you can watch a video lesson which will help you with the following work on multiplying and dividing. You can use a pencil and paper to complete the maths work. Or, if you have a printer, you can print off each lesson to complete. Once you have finished your maths, you can check the answers to see how many you got right. If you wish, you can take a photograph of your completed maths and email it me as I would love to see your work!



Many of the worksheets above have stars at the top of them. If you are in Mrs Reynolds' Maths group, have a look at the sheets with only one star at the top of them. If you are in Mr Walmsley's Maths group, I would like you to scroll down to the sheets with two stars and try these first. If they are still too easy, why not keep scrolling and try the sheets with three stars :-)