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Designing a kit for Mrs Jones

Oh I do love a good sports kit. Look at these wonderful designs – I can certainly imagine wearing these.

Great job guys!    

Picture 1 A super shirt Tommy
Picture 2 I love the green in this shirt Cora
Picture 3 I love the colours Cora-Mae
Picture 4 A fantastic Liverpool shirt Ashton
Picture 5 A great shirt Isabel
Picture 6 A super design Courtney
Picture 7 'Jones' design by Jack. A fantastic idea 'T'
Picture 8 I love this colour Brooke
Picture 9 A fantastic Liverpool kit Cole
Picture 10 A very smart design William
Picture 11 Lovely colours Courtney
Picture 12 A fantastic pattern for the front Grace
Picture 13 I love the rainbow effect Harley
Picture 14 A fantastic creation Indy
Picture 15 I like the colour scheme you've used Lexi
Picture 16 A super design Sebastian