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English lessons



We will add the online books to the Purple Mash site; read a chapter a day and complete the online quiz (5 comprehension questions) and occasionally, there is a written activity to follow. When you complete the quiz, make sure you open the PDF copy of the text so you can check the text for your answers. Remember your find it, prove it strategies to answer the questions. 


We would love to see you reading for pleasure too. Mrs Pearson has started reading 'Boy in the Girl's Bathroom' to you online (Story Time with Mrs P) and I have just finished reading 'Wonder' - it's a lovely book. I have also been adding the weekly First News online newspaper and activities, which I know you enjoy. 



There is a grammar booklet attached for those of you who want it; however, some of this is difficult and needs 'teaching'. You have the grammar posters to learn the terminology at home and this should really be your priority. 



Here is a lovely resource with some short writing opportunities for you. You could also be creative and write for real-life purposes. It would be nice to keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings through 'lockdown'. Just a few lines a day about what you have been doing, how your family has been affected, what it's like in the supermarkets, clapping for the NHS etc. Imagine looking back in a few years time and remembering this strange time - when we look back after many years, people won't believe we had to stand 2m apart!



Weekly plans based on year 6 texts from the Lancashire English Team



These are weekly English lesson plans for you to follow if you so wish. They are broken down into days, and all of the resources you would need to access the unit of work are available online. The resources access YouTube and a website where you can read the books online. You need to register on the site, but registration is free. 


These plans are produced by Lancashire and are suitable for the year group but due to the nature of YouTube, I cannot guarantee what pop-ups may appear when you watch the videos at home; in school we have filters set to keep us safe. It would be your responsibility to supervise if you felt this necessary.


Kind regards, 

Mrs Baron and Mrs Pearson x

Week Commencing 11th May

Week Commencing 18th May