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Friday 12th February

Friday 12th February



To revise what alphabetical order is and learn how to use a dictionary. This lesson includes one video to help you revise alphabetical order, one video to show you how to use a dictionary and three activities.

Please complete as many of the activities as you can. Don’t feel as though you have to complete them all.



Imperative verbs.


To calculate perimeters of 2D shapes in cm and mm

Today we are going to be looking at different 2D shapes and calculate their perimeters in cm and mm


What are some of Europe's most important human characteristics?

In this lesson, you will learn about the population of Europe as well as understanding the population density in each subregion of Europe. You will study the important cities and landmarks across Europe, learning lots of new facts! Finally, you will also learn more about the economy of Europe and what is traded into (imported) and traded out of (exported) Europe.


French – click on the link to access babelzone to learn some French!

The user name is :ihps

Password : French123

Click on French/songs and dialogues/unit 1/ma famille

Listen to the song and join in!