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05.03.21 English Spellings:
To practise and apply knowledge of homophones, including test
In this lesson, we will practise and apply our knowledge of homophones.

05.03.21 English: To plan a narrative resolution
In this lesson we will plan a narrative resolution based on a clip from the film 'Whale Rider'. We will focus on the character's actions, body language and facial expressions to show their feelings and emotions.

05.03.21 Maths: Multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
In today's lesson, we will be using short multiplication to multiply 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. We will learn to regroup in multiple columns and when zero is a place value holder.

05.03.21 PSHE: Community Care
In today’s lesson, you will understand what a community is, explore the different types of communities (place, interest, action and practice) and consider the benefits of being a part of one.