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Friday 22nd January

English – Creating a character

Today, we will explore how characters are created and write a character description. This lesson includes one video about creating characters, one video of ex-England player Eniola Aluko reading an extract from Matilda by Roald Dahl and three activities.


Maths – To learn how to multiply and divide by 1, 10 and 100. Watch the video, answer the question and complete the quiz. Then complete the pdf worksheet to further practise this skill.


Geography – What is the geography of Northern Ireland?

In this lesson, we will recap our knowledge of the seven continents, and locate the UK on a world map. We will then zoom into Northern Ireland and look at the different human and physical geographical features. We will then think about urban and rural land use in Northern Ireland, as well as in your local area!

Maths worksheets. Please complete the first one. Only complete the second one if you want to challenge yourself further!