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Friday 22nd January

Good evening,

Here are the activities ready for tomorrow. Please join me for our zoom sessions at 10.30am and 2.30pm. Please see classdojo for the zoom links.


Friday  22nd January


Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am. In this lesson I will recap the sounds from the previous lessons and focus on the sounds j, v, r, y and w. We will be reading the green words: log, let, yum, vet, jog, jet. We will then have a go at writing some words so please have a pencil and some paper ready with you. If you cannot join us for the zoom session, please practise reading and writing these words when you can. This lesson can be adapted as needed for your child by only writing a couple of words or by using the words to write a sentence or two.



Please complete the writing activity. This will be below titled ‘picture matching - Friday 22nd January’.



In this lesson, we will practise adding and subtracting using a number track and manipulatives to help us.

Please complete the subtraction activity titled ‘number line subtraction – Friday 22nd January’.  This can be adapted as needed for you child by using objects to help them count or by using bigger number lines and using numbers up to 20.


Afternoon Zoom

At 2.30pm there will be a zoom session. In this session we will be doing ‘show and tell’. Please can your child have something that they would like to show to the class and that they could talk about, for example something that they have made or drawn.


Understanding the World (Healthy Eating)

In this lesson, we join Mrs Garrard to learn about what constitutes a balanced, healthy diet. We learn about the different food groups and begin to understand the importance of including lots of fruit and vegetables in our diets. To support this, we create a healthy ‘rainbow fruit salad’. We think about the colours of the rainbow and name fruit for each colour which we then include in our fruit salad. You could extend this lesson by exploring what else our bodies need to stay fit and healthy.

Picture matching - Friday 22nd January

Number line subtraction - Friday 22nd January