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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February

English – Grammar

To learn how to use possessive apostrophes correctly in your writing.

This lesson includes:

  • one video to help you understand how and when to use apostrophes to show possession
  • three activities


English – Writing

To analyse the opening scene

In this lesson, we will analyse the opening scene of The BFG and generate vocabulary to describe the setting, what we can hear and what we can see. We will then think about how we feel when we watch the opening and how we can reflect this in our writing. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil.



Length and perimeter application lesson

Today we are going to be applying all that we have learnt in this unit and practise answering different styles of questions


RE – Christianity

Who was Jesus?

In this lesson you will be learning about the life, teachings and death of Jesus. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson.

French - Lesson 1

Introducing and describing yourself in French

In this lesson, we will learn how to say our name and use some simple vocabulary to describe ourselves.


Please also practise your numbers to 20 by playing memory games on babelzone!
The user name is :ihps