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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February


Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am (please see  classdojo for the zoom link).

In this lesson, we will look at the previous sounds and recap our new set 2 sound ‘ar’. Then we will ‘Fred Talk’ the green words: car, park, hard, start, sharp and part and have another practise at writing some of them.  After that we will play a game or two! For this session please have lined paper and a pencil with you.


Please complete the ‘find and write’ activity for the ‘ar’ sound. 


Start by playing this number song for your child to sing along to
Please complete the ‘missing numbers’ activity.


Understanding the World


In this unit we will be looking at people who help us. This week we will be focusing on doctors and nurses who have helped us so much during the pandemic.


In today's lesson, we join Miss Sidenius in learning about what doctors do to help us and how they treat people when they are ill. We will have a go at role playing being a doctor and writing a prescription for our patient. To extend this lesson, you could talk about the difference between visiting the GP to see a doctor and going to hospital.

Find and Write

Missing Numbers