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Friday 5th February

English – Grammar Subordinate clauses

In this lesson, we will use subordinate clauses to add extra information. This lesson includes two videos and three activities.

Please complete as many of the activities today as you can. Do not feel as though you must finish all three.


English – Writing

To generate vocabulary to use in our instructions

In this lesson, we will recap imperative verbs and sequencing words. We will also investigate using adverbs in instructions and write some sentences using sequencing words, verbs and adverbs.



Telling 'minutes past' on a digital clock

In this lesson you will learn to tell the time on a digital clock.

If you wish to have further practise of writing digital times, click on the sheet here – digital times.

Please just complete Section C and Section D. You will also need a copy of Black clock 2 sheet.



What are the countries of Europe?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the continent of Europe. We will begin by identifying Europe on a world map. We will then identify other countries, including the United Kingdom, on the map of Europe.


French – click on the link to access babelzone to learn some French!

The user name is :ihps

Password : French123

Click on French/songs and dialogues/unit 1/au revoir

Listen to the song and join in!