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Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February



Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am (please see classdojo for the zoom link).

In this lesson I will recap the sounds that we have done so far. After that we will ‘Fred Talk’ the green words that we have looked at this week and practise writing a simple sentence. We will then play phonics bingo so please have a bingo board ready with different sounds. These can include the special friend sounds that we have learnt such as ‘sh’ and ‘ay’ etc.  Please have lined paper and a pen/pencil with you.



Please have a go at practising writing sentences using the green words that we have used this week for the set 2 sounds ‘ay’ and ‘ee’. Please help and encourage your child to use capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops and to check that their letters are all the correct way.



Start by watching Numberblocks-series 3: flatland

This afternoon the children will be completing the 2D shape hunt. Please see the attached PDF above for this activity. Children will have a look around their house to see what different 2D shapes they can find.


Afternoon Zoom

There won’t be an afternoon zoom today so please enjoy your afternoon doing things that you and your child enjoy.



This week (1st-7th February) is ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ and it is especially important this year that we acknowledge it! For further information please click on the link below.

Please continue to complete ‘Today’s Mood’ daily with your child and encourage them to talk about how they are feeling. Please also continue with the ‘express yourself calendar’ which has lots of activities for your child to enjoy having a go at.



I have added a ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ link that the children often do at school as I thought this would be a nice relaxing way to end our school week. Please be aware that this link is on youtube.

2D Shape Hunt