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Weekly challenges

Weekly challenges

The Aldi challenge

Do you have the skills to cook up a storm in the kitchen? Use the Olympic skills record to help you get cooking.

Could you design a bag for life and win the competition. Follow the instructions to create your bag and be in with the chance of winning lots of goodies and Aldi vouchers.

May 18th

This week my challenges are more about drawing and getting creative. Don't forget to send me your pictures of anything you create and draw  to

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

May 11th

This week my challenges are more about getting into the kitchen and making something delicious. Don't forget to send me your pictures of things you make to 

Picture 1 Yummi cake
Picture 2 Fabulous soup
Picture 3 Pea Pesto
Picture 4 Who can make the best pasta?
Picture 5 Short bread
Picture 6 Can you make a pom pom?
Picture 7 What colour will your pom pom be?


Picture 1 Can you make a caterpillar?
Picture 2 Caterpillar
Picture 3 Peacock
Picture 4 What colour hair will your clown have?
Picture 5 Dinosaur
Picture 6 Can you make a dinosaur?
Picture 7 Colourful butterflies
Picture 8 Where will your butterflies fly?
Picture 9 Can you make a space ship?
Picture 10 Space ship
Picture 11 What fruit can you make?
Picture 12 Grow your own rainbow.
Picture 13 What hero will you make?
Picture 14 Get the lego out
Picture 15 What music will you make?
Picture 16 What animals will you find?
Picture 17 Paint and pebble fun.
Picture 18 Could you make a twig picture?
Picture 19 Send someone a hug.
Picture 20 Who will you make?
Picture 21 Lets get crafty.
Picture 22 Family fun
Picture 23 Which bees have you seen?
Picture 24 Create a picture.
Picture 25 Make a place for butterflies
Picture 26 Grow your own cress
Picture 27 What will you find?
Picture 28 Which birds will visit your garden?