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Your work and pictures from home

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Kody completed the summer word search
Super maths to find the picture Kody.
Jake solved Kody's word search. Well done Jake,
Jake completed the super tricky challenge 6! Wow!
Kody's coding.
A super hero profile by Kody.

Kody's story 


Kody has spent a long time and worked extremely hard on his story for the Aquafresh Brush Time Tales competition. Well done Kody, I think this is fabulous. Why not have a read and see what you think? 


One early morning a T-rex named Bob was running through the house. Bob was simply refusing to brush his teeth.  "Bob. You have to brush your teeth, dear. Otherwise, your teeth will fall out and you won't be able to eat any meat." Mommy said with a stern yet gentle voice. Bob froze in place, he turned to look up at Mommy. "Does that mean I can't eat any meat at all?" He asked her in complete shock. Mommy nodded her head. "Yes, that is right and no sweets either." She said. Bob's eyes went wide and ran his way to the bathroom. He picked up his toothbrush. He then grabbed the toothpaste tube and opened it. Bob squeezed some toothpaste, the size of a pea on to his brush. He lifted the brush to his mouth and soon, the brushing began. Bob brushed his teeth in a circular motion, making sure to get every tooth and every part of his gums. Mommy counted for two minutes. "Alright, spit it out, remember don't use water." She told him once the two minutes were over. Bob nodded ad spat the toothpaste into the sink. He looked up at Mommy smiling, showing off his pearly whites. "Good boy, Bob. Now remember. You have to do this every day for two minutes, twice a day. In the morning and then again before bedtime." She said as she cleaned any toothpaste that was on his mouth. "Don't worry Mummy. I won't forget."  

Jake is keeping busy

Jake has kept very busy while we have not been in school together. As well as sending me his work, doing lots of Purple Mash and TT Rockstars he has also played lots of games with his brother.  When the weather was nice, he says he had some lovely days out which included doing a bit of wild swimming and camping in the garden. 

Sounds like Jake is having a super time. 

Your word searches

A jungle word search by Jake
An Earth word search by Kody
Jake has made this wonderful jungle word search for you all to have a go at.  Why not ask an adult to print it out and have a go? When you have finished send your picture back to me and I can share them with Jake for you. 

Kody's maths

Kody has worked extra hard on his maths work this week. Well done Kody this is super work! yes

What have you guys been doing? Why not send me pictures like Kody does so that I can see your work too?

My email is

Well done again Kody for your hard work, keep it up. laugh 

Your Purple Mash work - 29th June

Kody's picture and writing about his super week
A lovely family picture by Jake

Your Purple Mash pictures - 15th June

Keilan made a picture that moved
Payton made a moving picture
Ruby thought about the art we did after Christmas
Blake made a moving picture
A super castle by Jake
Kody created a beautiful garden

Home learning pack work by Kody

Kody's maths
Kody's word search
Kody and his windmills
Kody found the errors

Your beautiful gardens on Purple Mash - 9th June


Kody and his favourite book

Kody has completed some of the BBC Bitesize lessons for maths and English and done a super job. Have you tried any of them? 

Kody's science experiment

Kody and his sister completed this amazing science experiment. I won't tell you what happens as I think you will like to watch it and see. Maybe you could have a go at it at home too.
All you will need to do it yourself is:
Vegetable Oil (or you could use Mineral or Baby Oil instead)
Fizzing tablets (such as Alka Seltzer)
Food Colouring


Jake worked hard for 2 days to find contractions. He found more contractions than I knew! What amazing work. Well done Jake!


Ruby made her brother his very own Mc Donald's and then made a rabbit using a sock, rice and some bobbles. How creative!

Kody has worked hard at home on his English. He has written a beautiful letter to his Granddad, a fantastic description and completed his leaflet on Purple Mash. Fabulous job Kody!
Kody made this amazing solar system. How cool!
Blake made costumes on Purple Mash.
Super costumes by Alfie on Purple Mash.
Maths by Kody
A super picture by Alfie.
Blake made his airport work.
A super picture by Ruby.
A lovely finger painting by Kody.
Ruby gave a great reason for why we are at home.
A great sentence for a great picture by Blake!

Kody wrote a poem about how we should brush our teeth twice a day. Great job Kody.