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Letter to parents regarding starting school in September- July 2020

Dear parents,


We have finally received the government guidance for the full opening of schools in September and are now in a position to begin making plans for your child to start school. The guidance states that children will still be in class bubbles with their teacher and that parents are still unable to come into school. 
In order to ensure a smooth transition for your child, we will provide a gentle introduction to school. We are aware that the majority of children starting will not have been in nursery since March. Therefore, the children will start in small groups of five. Children from the same nursery will start on the same day and be in the same class. Children who are coming from other nurseries where they are the only child attending will start with others in the same position.

The children will visit school the afternoon before they start school full time from 1.30pm-3pm. They will then start full time the day after. The class teacher will greet you and your child at the entrance to the infant hall in the KS1 yard. You will have the opportunity to talk to the class teacher at this point and ask any questions you may have. You will receive a letter early next week containing details about your child’s class, their teacher, visit date and full time start date. I will also try to include any other information I feel is relevant to you. This is the last letter you will receive before your child starts school. Any further information will be displayed on this page or sent to you in a text message so please do keep checking regularly for updates. 
I realise this is a difficult time for you as new parents. Usually, we would have held a parents meeting by this stage and your child would already have visited us several times with you and by themselves. Children are very adaptable though and I’m sure they will settle quickly in September. Please do show them this page and the pictures of their new classrooms and teachers. This will help them with their transition to school.


Best wishes 


Miss Sutcliffe