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Lettings/Community Use

At present the school is not taking bookings for community use until further notice.  Please accept our apologies.

For any enquiries please contact Paula Mason, School Business Manager on 01282 428246.



The Governing Body should regard the school buildings and grounds as a community asset and should make every reasonable effort to enable them to be used as much as possible. However, the overriding aim of the Governing Body should be to support the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils, and any lettings of the premises to outside organisations should be considered with this in mind.

The school’s delegated budget (which is provided for the education of its pupils) should not be used to subsidise lettings by community or commercial organisations. Charges should be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the school in respect of lettings of the premises. Within this framework, schools may charge some organisations more than cost and subsidise other users provided that overall charges for community use at least cover additional costs.


A letting may be defined as ‘any use of the school premises (buildings and grounds) by either a community group (such as a local music group or football team), or a commercial organisation (such as a local branch of ‘Weight Watchers’)”. A letting must not interfere with the primary activity of the school, which is to provide a high standard of education for all its pupils.

Use of premises for activities such as staff meetings, parents’ meetings, Governing Body meetings and extra-curricular activities of pupils supervised by school staff, fall within the corporate life of the school. Costs arising from these uses are therefore a legitimate charge against the school’s delegated budget.



In general, the lettings of rooms for non-sporting activities is exempt of VAT, whereas sports lettings are subject to VAT (although there are exemptions under certain circumstances). The VAT regulations for sports can be found on the schools' Portal at:
For further advice on VAT relating to lettings, please contact the County Council’s VAT Officer (Tel. 01772 534778).