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Helpful links

Below is a new Learning Pack for those children who are unable to attend school at the moment but are well enough to continue with their learning.

The Wildlife Trust Challenge


The Wildlife Trust are running a 30 day challenge for you to get outside and do something wild everyday in June. Click on the link to take you to their page or look at the resources below:

NatWest Bank


NatWest Bank have some excellent resources for home learning, discussing money and many other things. Why not click on the link below and have a look at their Key Stage 2 resources:,U1KM,2S9YTI,3NF73,1






BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons


BBC Bitesize are adding daily lessons to their website. These vary across many subjects and are very simple to follow. Children may scroll down and participate in these lessons (some include video instruction or video tasks). You will need a pen and paper for these activities but feel free to check out the link below.


Step 1: Click the website link below 

Step 2: Scroll down and select the tab 'Year 3/P4 - Age 7-8 lessons'

Step 3: Select the lesson you want to learn, for example: '28 April: Maths'

Step 4: Read the 'Home Learning Focus' at the top of the page and then begin reading the lesson :-)


Tip - You can also take part in lessons from previous days if you want to challenge yourself!




Free Online Story Resources


Click on the following link to access more stories at home - it is free and very simple to use. This website can best be described as Netflix but with stories (instead of TV shows and films).


Tip - Why not record yourself reading your own story :-)