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Messages from Miss Embley

W/C 18th May


Hello again Class 12,


Another week has passed and we are now entering our 9th week of school being closed – it has absolutely flown by! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready to continue your home learning.

So many have you been accessing Purple Mash and TTRockstars, which is fantastic, so let’s keep up the good work. Girls you are winning the TTRockstars battle by a mile – well done! Boys, you have some serious catching up to do before it finishes on Wednesday. Who will be the final winners? surprise


Keep emailing me to let me know what you have all been up to and send me lots of photos so that I can add them to our ‘Hall of Fame’ – it really does make my day when I hear from you smiley.


Stay safe guys,


Miss you all – Miss Embley x

W/C 11th May


Hi Class 12,


I hope you’re all well and staying safe at home. It has been wonderful to hear from some of you; it looks like you have been extremely busy baking, exercising and getting creative at home! I have added all of your photos to the ‘Hall of Fame’ section so don’t forget to have a look at some of those 😊.


I was in school yesterday (Monday) and this is what me, Miss Atkin and some of the children were busy doing…

Picture 1

We created this amazing rainbow display in the KS2 hall – how amazing does it look? It adds a little bit of colour to school during these unusual times!

Don’t forget to keep me updated with photos of what you have been getting up to or if you want to just simply send me a message then please do – I love hearing from you!


I miss you all lots,


Miss Embley x

W/C 4th May


Hello again Class 12,


What have you all been up to at home? Have you been creative and made some exciting or interesting? Have you been baking something yummy? Have you been reading your favourite book or have you actually started a new book?


I would love to see what you have all been doing during these extremely difficult times!

Take a photograph to show me what you have been up to and send it to my email address:


I can then print off your photograph and add it to our achievement display board in the KS2 hall. Also, I have added an image below of different ideas of activities and crafts that you could complete at home - enjoy guys! 


I hope to hear from some of you very soon 😊


Stay safe,

Miss Embley xxx


W/C 20th April 


Hi Class 12,


We just wanted to leave you a little message to say we are thinking of you all and hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday safely at home. We hope you have been completing parts of your workbook as this will help you keep some normality and routine to your day.  We are also very impressed with some of you on Purple Mash – you’ve completed a lot of the activities. Mrs Wilkinson has informed us that a lot of year 5 have been accessing Purple Mash so well done to you. It would be nice to see some other names on the site too – Miss Embley always leaves you a little message once your work is handed in. We will continue to add more activities to Purple Mash and when you have the chance, do try to complete some activities in your workbook - this will make it easier for you when we do come back to school.


We miss you all a lot and look forward to seeing you very soon. If you have any pictures or want to share anything you’ve been up to over the past few weeks, please send them to Miss Embley’s email address – it would be great to hear from you.


Take care and stay safe heart


Miss Embley and Mrs Tomlinson xxx