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Miss Atkin and Mr Burrows' Challenges

Miss Atkin and Mr Burrows’ Challenges


Just a bit of fun to get us up and moving! Mr Burrows and I will post either a video or picture of a new challenge. We’ll do it, then you do it! Even if it doesn’t go as planned email me a picture or video of you having a go so I can post it onto our class page for the rest of your classmates to see. 



Miss Atkin and Mr Burrows


Challenge 1- Spin and score

Can you spin on the spot 10 times then kick the ball into the goal?

You can either throw or kick a ball for this one. If you don’t have a ball at home or the weather is too rainy and cold to go outside, get creative and use a pair of socks in your living room! (Mrs Jones will be proud of this one)