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English Spelling 01.03.21
To practise and apply knowledge of the suffix: -ic, including test
In this lesson, we will be practising and applying knowledge of the -ic suffixes.

English 01.03.21
To write a narrative build-up
In this lesson we will use our character analysis and plans to write a narrative build-up based on the film 'Whale Rider'. Please note that the death of a mother and brother are briefly mentioned in this lesson. If this is a sensitive topic for your child, please make sure they are adequately supervised.

Maths 01.03.21

To calculate multiplication facts using the distributive law

In today's lesson, we will be solving multiplication equations using the distributive law. We will use arrays and area models to represent our calculations.

Topic 01.03.21
Which animals lived in Prehistoric Britain?
In this lesson we will learn about some prehistoric animals. These beasts roamed earth during the stone age, and many of them are now extinct. What happened?