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Monday 1st February

English – Grammar

In this lesson, we will learn how to use conjunctions to extend sentences.

This lesson includes one video about how to use conjunctions in your writing and three activities.

Please complete Activity 1 and 2 today only.


English – Writing

To identify the features of instructions

In this lesson, we will read through instructions and find their features, including sequencing words and imperative verbs.



Please use this time to complete the TTRockstars battle against Class 8. Stay on for the full half hour to give your class the best possible chance of winning. If you need your login details and password, just message Mrs Reynolds.


How do empires collapse?

In this lesson we will take a quick look at some of the largest empires throughout history. We'll see that empires have risen and fallen since the first civilisations, and try and spot any common reasons for their downfalls. Then, we'll apply this learning to the collapse of the Shang Dynasty.



Draw with Rob – Wizard! Follow this YouTube clip and see if you can become a wizard at drawing Wizards! Please post your pictures on Class Dojo as we would love to see them.