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Monday 22nd February

Good evening,

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely half term break and are ready to continue with our home learning.

Here are the activities for Monday 22nd February. Apologies as there are no zoom sessions today.


For this lesson please practise the green words for our newest set 2 sound ‘oo’ The green words are: too, zoo, mood, fool, pool, stool, moon and spoon. After that have a go at practising writing sentences using these green words. Please help and encourage your child to use capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops and to check that their letters are all the correct way.


Please complete the ‘oo activity’. This will be below titled ‘oo activity – Monday 22nd February’.


Start by watching Numberblocks – series 3: fourteen

The children can then make a number poster for the number 14. They can practise writing number 14 and drawing/counting out 14 objects.

Understanding the World


I’m sure you have all seen the exciting news about the Mars landing last week! So I thought it would be a really good time to have a look at a ‘space’ unit.


In this set of lessons we blast off into outer space. In this lesson with Miss Hughes, we learn some features of the solar system and have an introduction to the planets. Consolidate your new knowledge by drawing a picture of the planets. Can you think of a rhyme to remember the order of them?

oo activity - Monday 22nd February