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Monday 25th January

English – Writing

In this lesson we will learn about the key features of a sentence.

This lesson includes one video to help you understand how to write a sentence correctly, one video to help you revise the important features of a sentence and three activities.

Please complete the first and second activity only today.


English – Reading -  Mulan by Michaela Morgan

To engage with a text

In this lesson, we will introduce Mulan and traditional tales as a genre. We will read the opening chapter of Mulan and predict what might happen next in the story.




Recalling the 3 times table and looking at language to describe these.

This lesson will introduce the 3 times table and look at the key vocabulary products and multiples.

If you fancy an extra challenge, click on the link below. Please complete one of the activities here – 3 times table mastery. They gradually become even trickier!


Who was Fu Hao?

In this lesson we will be learning all about Fu Hao, a peasant who rose to become a great priestess and general.



Draw with Rob – Gregosaurus

Click on the link to learn step by step how to draw your very own Gregosaurus. Please make sure you ask an adult at home before clicking on the YouTube clip.