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Monday 25th January

Monday 25th January

Phonics (To read and write words with the sound ‘ch’)

Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am. In this lesson, I will recap the sounds and words from the previous lessons and focus on the sounds z and ch. We will be reading the green words: zip, zap, chat and chop. We will then have a go at writing some of these words and finish with writing a few simple sentences. You will need to have a pencil and some paper with you. If you could draw five lines across the paper this will help your child when they are writing the sentences.

If you cannot join us for the zoom session, please practise reading and writing these words. This lesson can be adapted as needed for your child. If they are struggling to write words with more than two letters in just focus on words that have two letters e.g. on, it, am at and an.

English (To read words)

Please complete the reading activity ‘I Spy and Read’. This will be in the portfolio section titled ‘I Spy and Read - Monday 25th January’.

Maths (To count accurately to 11)

Start by playing this number song for your child to sing along to


In this lesson, we will practise writing and making the number 11. The children can make 11 in different ways either by using objects or by drawing 11 objects e.g. sticks, circles, flowers.

Afternoon Zoom

At 2.30pm there will be a zoom session. In this session, we will be counting to 20 and looking at the number 11. You will need to bring 15 objects.

We will then play a game of bingo. Please can you make your own game card like the one in the picture. You can CHOOSE ANY 9 numbers between 0 and 20.


Understanding the World (To know the names for the offspring animals)

In this lesson with Miss Hughes, we will think about animals that live on a farm and learn to identify their offspring. At the end of the lesson, you will test your new knowledge by matching the baby animals to the adult animals.