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Ightenhill Primary School

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Let's get moving!

Change4Life have produced a Disney themed set of fun '10 minute shake-ups' designed to get children up and active.  Follow the link below and 'get moving'!


Go on a yoga and mindfulness adventure with your children. Get active, have fun and explore a range of stories through movement. 


GoNoodle engages 14 million children every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Get up an active from your front room and have some fun. 


In school FUNDA support our P.E lessons. Now you can access them at home for free. Check out the great website full of ways to keep active and fit while at home. 


As the weather gets warmer, you might use your bike as part of your daily exercise. Normally we offer this in school as it helps children: 

  • Ride their bike under full control including stopping, starting, appropriate signalling and turning.

  • Develop observational skills, recognising potential hazards and take action to avoid them.

  • Understand and apply the relevant rules of the Highway Code for Young Road Users.

  • Recognise the need to use protective equipment such as lights, reflectors, appropriate footwear, high visibility clothing and helmets.


And now you can access the fantastic work books from home. 

Please find the workbooks, answers and certificates all ready for you to download and use at home.