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Ightenhill Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"

What are we doing at school?

International maths day

We made a human number line.

Christmas party time!

We had a wonderful Christmas party today. We played lots of games, had an indoor snowball fight and even had a visit from Santa!

Here is our photo using the props Mrs Spencer kindly brought!

What does a boat need?

This half term we have been looking at Christopher Columbus and his journey across the Atlantic ocean. 

We looked at what makes a good ship and built our own. 

Come back to see if they float!

Children in Need 2020

Today we celebrated Children in Need. We came in non-uniform and watched Steve Royle (BGT) juggling! You can see us cheering him on here!

Following a recipe!

Today we used time fronted adverbials to make rice crispy buns.

We can tell you what came first, next, then, after and finally. 

Ask us about it!

Hello Yellow Day!

Today was Hello Yellow day. Thank you for your donations!

We had a wonderful time and supported the Young Minds charity.



Hello Yellow Day

Worry Monsters - What are they for?

Today we made a Worry Monster.

We can tell them when we are nervous or have those funny butterflies in our bellies.

We have taught them how to  help us.

Ask us about them!

How do you know when a material floats?

Today, we looked at sinking and floating. 

We made predictions (our best guesses) and tested each of the materials.

​​​​​​​Some of the materials tried to trick us! 

Food from Ancient Greece!

Today, we tasted lots of foods that Ancient Greeks would have eaten. 

We tried feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, pitta bread and Tzatziki.

Some of them were yummy, others we weren't so keen!

Bubble fun!

Today we made bubbles. We observed bubbles made of soap and water.

They didn't last very long and popped before we could chase them!

We added the extra ingredient, glycerine, and set up a simple test.

They lasted much longer!


What is a still life drawing?

Today we have been practicing our sketching skills.

We have used the cross hatch technique to shade our fruit.

It takes a lot of concentration and time!

How do we take care of a plant?

Today we planted seeds. We are going to take care of them by giving them what they need. 

Just like us, plants need food, water, a home and love.

What is an animal?

Today, we ventured outside to find out where four types of animals live. We identified birds, mammals, insects and amphibians. Ask us what each of them are - we are experts!