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Miss Jackson's update - 28th June

Hello Year 1,


I am very excited because tomorrow is the day that we can come back to school! I cannot wait to see you all. 


We have lots of exciting activities and lessons planned for you and I know myself and Mrs Taylor cannot wait to see your smiling faces!


If you are not in school next week, do not worry, I will still be setting lots of activities for you to be doing on Purple Mash and there are lots of fun things to do on the class page. You can now also collect the July work pack from Ightenhill's school office which is the work the children will be doing in school. Alternatively, you can download the pack from the class page.


Stay safe and see you soon.


From Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylor's Week 21st June

Miss Jackson's week - 19th June

Hello Year 1


I hope you have managed to have fun at home this week even with all this rain!


This week I have been busy making lots of fun activities for you with Mrs Taylor for when our school opens for you on 29th June.

I have also been enjoying looking at the super work some of you have been doing on Purple Mash. Make sure you check out the 'what Class 4 are doing at home' star to see what your friends have been up to.


To keep myself busy this week, I have been doing lots of dance classes online. I have been really missing dancing since lockdown so I have found some dance videos that I have been trying to learn. It got my heart racing and is helping me stay fit and healthy!


Stay safe and keep in touch.


From Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylor's Week - 15th June

Miss Jackson's week - 15th June

Hello Year 1

Well, it has been a bit wet and windy this week hasn't it? I hope you have managed to find some nice activities to keep you busy at home. 

This week I have been working with Mrs Taylor to upload lots of fun activities for you online so make sure you have a look at them on the class page and Purple Mash. Make sure you check out the 'what class 4 have been doing' star to see what your friends have been doing at home.


I started a new book this week which I have been enjoying reading with a nice warm hot chocolate and I have been playing the piano.

I have also cooked a healthy homemade sweet and sour stir fry which was delicious! I am going to put the recipe on on baking challenges on Monday. Could you make this at home with your grown up?


What have you been up to this week? If you have been doing some fun activities or just want to say hello, please send me an email at 


Stay safe and keep in touch.


From Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson's half term - 5th June

Hello Year 1

I hope you have had a wonderful half term and have managed to keep busy and stay safe in the sun. In the half term, I have enjoyed reading lots of books and I have been baking. I made a rocky road which was very unhealthy but very delicious! Melvin has also enjoyed exploring the fields around us. 






Hopefully schools will be open soon. Until then, keep sending emailing me to let me know what exciting news or activities you have been doing. I have posted lots more new activities on the website and Purple Mash, including an activity about what you have been doing in your holidays. Here is my picture and sentence. Can you complete this task too?


Stay safe and keep in touch.


From Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylor's Week - 22nd May 

Hi Year One,

I can’t believe it is time for another update! This week passed very quickly. I was in school on Monday and Tuesday this week, but I had a little helper with me. Katie joined me as Mr Taylor was at work. She really enjoyed being at ‘big school’. We made some salt dough with the Key Worker children and made some owls with it. I was really impressed with how they turned out. smiley




I was brave this week… I trusted Mr Taylor to cut my hair! I think he needs to come back into year one to learn how to measure. I asked him to cut 2cm off and he cut off 8cm! It looks nice though in the end.   surprise



We are really missing seeing family now, so we decided to draw some pictures and write some letters. We then walked to the post box to post them. Grandma is 94 and lives in a care home, so we can’t go to see her, but hopefully the pictures and letter will brighten her day. You might like to try writing posting a picture or letter to someone who you are missing.



Well it’s half-term now, it’s a little different to our usual holidays but I hope you still manage to have lots of fun and remember to keep yourselves safe!


From Mrs Taylor heart

Miss Jackson's week - 22nd May

Hello Year 1


I hope you have manged to enjoy the sunshine this week and have been wearing lots of suncream. It's nice to hear from lots of you on Purple Mash and by email. Remember, if you have done any of the challenges or just want to say hello, to email me on 

This week I have been I have been continuing to read my book in the sunshine. It has got really interesting. She has walked hundreds of miles over tall, snowy mountains and she has seen lots of wild animals. She has had to be very brave!  I have also been going on lots of walks and bike rides. I went for a long bike ride through many farms and fields. I made sure I had my helmet on!




I have also been talking to all of the teachers to see how they are are and to ask what fun and exciting things they have been doing. Mrs Howard has been having lots of fun with her boys, Miss Marney has been baking cakes and Mrs Wilkinson has been busy reading.




Can you complete our Random Act of Kindness Challenges? Find in the star: Fun Activities To Do and then in: Random Acts of Kindness.


Have a wonderful time off for May half term holidays. Make sure you are keeping busy and having lots of fun at home.


Stay safe and keep in touch.


From Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylors Week - 15th May

Hello Year 1, 

Can you believe another week has passed by? I have really enjoyed looking at your Purple Mash work this week. I love your self-portraits! They really made me smile. You are much better at drawing than I am. I have put lots of your Purple Mash work on our work page too, so take a look at what your friends have been up to! smiley



This week I enjoyed baking a banana loaf. I put the recipe in with our other baking challenges. We had to hide it from Mr Taylor as he likes it a little bit too much!



Even though the weather isn’t quite as nice, we have still been out on some walks in the local area. We did a scavenger hunt with Katie and she collected some nice bits and bobs, which she then made into a beautiful collage.



I hope that you have been enjoying looking around our class page. We keep adding new things for you to try, so please do keep checking.


Take care boys and girls and keep singing our hand washing song! yes


From Mrs Taylor heart


Miss Jackson's week - 15th May

Hello Year 1


I hope you have had a nice week at home. Melvin and I miss you all very much and cannot wait to see you soon. Make sure you check out the website page for new stories and challenges. 


This week I have been going on lots of long walks and I've been taking Melvin with me. Can you spot him in my backpack? Melvin has enjoyed spotting lots of different animals in the fields. We saw some horses, sheep and cows. Mevlin enjoyed seeing the farm animals.

     As well as walking, I have also carried on reading my book and I have been doing some watercolour painting.


Please keep sending emails. It's nice to keep in touch and see what you are all up to!


Stay safe and keep in touch.


From Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylor's Week - 8th May


Hello Year 1,


Aren’t we being lucky with all of this lovely sunshine! It is all very strange being at home so much but the nice warm weather makes it more enjoyable.


Guess what? Melvin has come to stay at my house! He is missing you all very much. Look at what he has been up to…





When I was in school this week, I challenged the children to a paper aeroplane contest. We had to follow instructions to make different aeroplanes then decorate them before the very exciting flying contest. We decided to judge how well decorated they were, how far they could travel, how fast they could fly and finally, if they could do tricks! Lucas from Year 4 won the contest but we all had a lot of fun. Maybe you could have a mini contest at home with your family.


I have tried to keep busy at home this week too. I read Katie the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and then we went exploring in our local area on our own bear hunt. Katie made some toilet roll binoculars and made  a map which she followed. I wonder whether you would like to try making a map of your local area to use if you go out for a walk. I would love to see your maps.






On another day, we walked to the river and had fun throwing stones and sticks into the water. We were very excited to spot a heron bird too. If you are on a walk, watch out for wildlife. If you see something exciting, let me know! It inspired us to go bug hunting at home too. Katie spent ages looking in plant pots to see what she could find. She was thrilled when a ladybird landed on her leg.






We made some fruit kebabs for a snack. Have a look on Class 3’s page in our ‘baking challenges’ folder to see how to make them. We enjoyed doing some painting too. Katie added the blue rain to my picture. I showed Miss Jackson my painting and she was very impressed!






I am missing you all so much now. I miss seeing your smiling faces walk through the classroom door each morning and hearing your latest news. Please do email me to tell me what you have been doing or even just to say ‘hello’. Keep looking on Class 3’s web page for lots of fun things to do.


Take care

Mrs Taylor

Miss Jackson's week - 8th May

Hello year 1


I hope you've been keeping busy and have been having lots of fun in wonderful sunshine.

Melvin has come to join me during these strange times. Thank you to Reece for bringing him back, it looks like you had a fantastic time with him and thank you to Reece's mum for making Melvin some amazing clothes!  

This week I have started reading my new book. Melvin loves stories so decided to join me outside and we read

together. It is about a women who walks across America all by herself and so far it is very interesting!


I have also been practising a new skill, playing the ukulele. I have been trying to learn new songs such as 'Somewhere over the rainbow' and 'If you're happy and you know it'. I am trying learn all the chords but don't quite know them all yet but practise makes perfect! 




I have also been baking some brownies. If you have a click on the star 'fun things to do' and then 'baking challenges', I have posted the ingredients and method you need to make them. Can you make some brownies too? If you manage to don't forget to email me on


I miss you all so much. I would love to know what you have been up to this week. If you have any photos of challenges you have completed or photos of something you have enjoyed doing, please email me - I would love to hear from you! Even if it just just a hello!


Keep looking on Class 4's page for lots of fun new challenges! 


Stay safe,


Miss Jackson

Mrs Taylor's week - 1st May

Hello Class 3,

I hope you are all staying safe and busy at home. I would love to hear about the things that you have been busy doing at home with your family. If you email them to me, I can will share them on our 'what have you done at home' section on our class page. Keep taking a peek to see what your friends have been doing too!  My email address is


When I am not in school, Katie is keeping me very  busy at home. It was her 3rd birthday last weekend. She was disappointed that she wasn’t allowed to have her birthday party but we made sure that she had a mini party with Mummy and Daddy. 


We have been enjoying or daily exercise walks in the glorious sunshine. Yesterday was rather rainy but we still managed to get out with our umbrellas. People gave us lots of smiles, it wasn’t until I got home that I remembered we had been face painting and I was painted like a cat! At least it made other people happy.  


It made me think of one of my favourite poems by Spike Milligan, Smiling is Infectious;


Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner
and someone saw my grin.
When he smiled I realised
I'd passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile,
then I realised its worth.
A single smile, just like mine
could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin,
don't leave it undetected.
Let's start an epidemic quick,
and get the world infected!


Well I am now passing my smile onto you… who will you pass it to? Let’s get everyone smiling 


Take care Class 3

Mrs Taylor 

Miss Jackson's week - 1st May

Hello Class 4!


I hope you are all safe and well. I miss you all very much and it is very strange not seeing you all everyday.

I have been keeping busy and getting lots of exercise. I have been going on a long walk everyday and seeing lots of lambs in the fields. I have also been doing lots of online dance classes and I bought a slack line. It is very tricky to balance on this and I fall off a lot! But hopefully with lots of practise, I can get better!  


Don't forget to send pictures of what you have done at home to so I can put them on our page. I would love to see what you have all been up to!

If you scroll down, you will already find some of the brilliant work our class have been doing.


Remember to use Purple Mash. I put lots of new activities on there every week for you to complete! It is fantastic to see so many of you using it each week. Once you have completed your work, you can always add a comment and say hello!


I am looking forward to seeing what you are all doing at home. 


Stay safe. 

Miss Jackson