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Ightenhill Primary School

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11.02.21 English Spellings:
To investigate silent letters
In this lesson, we will investigate silent letters, highlighting etymology and spotting patterns.

11.02.21 English Reading:
To develop reading for pleasure through discussion of favourite characters
In this lesson, we explore how reading builds empathy. We will share recommended reads and explore character traits in order to describe a favourite character.

11.02.21 Maths:
Applying a range of strategies to mentally calculate subtraction
In this lesson you will use different mental strategies to calculate subtraction.

11.02.21 Science:
How much do we rely on electricity?
In this lesson, we will learn about mains and battery electricity. We will identify and sort appliances based on whether they are electrical or non-electrical and also whether they are powered by mains or battery electricity. We will explore the idea of a world without electricity.