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03.03.21 English Spellings:
To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes -ary/-ery
In this lesson, we will practise and apply knowledge of the -ery and -ary suffixes.

03.03.21 English: To plan a narrative climax
In this lesson we will plan a narrative climax based on a clip from the film 'Whale Rider'. We will focus on the characters' actions, body language and facial expressions to show their feelings and emotions. Please note the film clip features the death of a whale. If this is a sensitive topic for your child, please make sure they are adequately supervised.

03.03.21 Maths:
Solving three 1 digit multiplication equations
In today's lesson, we will be multiplying three 1-digit numbers by each other by exploring the associative law.

03.03.21 Topic:
What were the different periods in the Stone Age?
The Stone Age is usually split into three different periods. In this lesson, we will learn the names of these different periods and what developments humans made during each of them.