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Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February


Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am.

In this lesson we will recap the special friends and focus on our new set 2 sound ‘ar’.  Then we will ‘Fred Talk’ the green words: car, park, hard, start, sharp and part. After that we will have a practise at writing some of these green words and we will also play a game or two! For this session please have lined paper and a pencil with you.


Please complete the ‘roll and read’ activity. For this activity you will need a dice.


Start by playing this number song for your child to sing along to

In this lesson the children will be complete the ‘ordering numbers to 20’ activity.

Afternoon Zoom

At 2.30pm there will be a zoom session.

In this session we will do some counting and play the ‘spot the missing numbers’ game. After that we will play a dancing game. For this session please have some paper and a pencil with you.

Understanding the World

In this unit we will be looking at people who help us. This week we will be focusing on the doctors and nurses who have helped us so much during the pandemic.

In this set of lessons we learn about jobs. In today’s lesson with Miss Hughes, we learn what it means to have a job. We look at different types of job and decide what would be our dream job. We consider what we would need to do in this role and practise for the future by acting it out with our teddies.

Ordering Numbers to 20