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Thursday 28th January

Thursday 28th January

Phonics (To read and write words with the sound ‘nk’)

Today’s phonics lesson will be on zoom at 10.30am. In this lesson, I will recap the sounds and words from the previous lessons and focus on the special friend ‘nk’. We will be reading the green words: wink, pink, think, stink. We will then have a go at writing some of these words. You will need to have a pencil and some paper with you.

If you cannot join us for the zoom session, please practise reading and writing these words.

English (To read words)

Please complete the activity ‘Reading’. This will be in the portfolio section titled ‘Reading – Thursday 28th January’.

Maths (To find the number that is one more)


Watch the ‘Numberblocks’ episode about one more


In this lesson, we will find one more than a number. You will need some counters to help. Please complete the activity ‘One More Than – Thursday 28th January’.

Afternoon Zoom

At 2.30pm there will be a zoom session. In this session, we will be looking at one less and practising a few calculations.


Understanding the World (To identify different creatures that live under the sea)

In this lesson, we identify some of those creatures and the features that allow them to survive in an underwater habitat. At the end of the lesson, we capture the ocean in our very own sensory bottles.