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Thursday 4th March

English - Punctuation

Learning focus

Learn how to correctly use commas in lists when writing statements.

This lesson includes:

  • a video about writing statements and a video explaining how to use commas in lists
  • four activities

Please only complete activity 3 and 4 today.


English – Writing

To write the second part of the opening (Part 2)

In this lesson, we will recap and write compound sentences. We will recap key vocabulary and use it to orally rehearse ambitious sentences to include in our writing. Following shared writing, we will carry on writing the second part of the opening. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil. It would also be useful to have your writing from last lesson next to you. Happy writing!


Maths –

To recognise obtuse and acute angles

In this lesson, we will be building on our angle knowledge by introducing the terms acute and obtuse for those angles which are smaller (acute) and greater (obtuse) than right-angles. We will have time to look at these angles separately and within different shapes.



What makes up the weather?

In this lesson, we will be looking at the differences between weather and climate. We will also be looking at the six components that make up the weather.