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02.03.21 English Spellings:
To investigate suffixes -ary/-ery
In this lesson, we will be investigating the -ery and -ary suffixes and set spelling words to learn.

02.0321 English: To analyse a visual film clip
In this lesson we will watch a clip from the film 'Whale Rider' and analyse it in terms of the setting, sounds, colours and character. Please note the film clip features the death of a whale. If this is a sensitive topic for your child, please make sure they are adequately supervised.

02.03.21 Maths: Solving 2-digit multiplication calculations using the distributive law
In today's lesson, we will be exploring the distributive law in multiplication. We will be solving 2-digit multiplication problems using the partitioning method and the compensating method.

02.03.21 Geography: What makes up the weather?
In this lesson, we will be looking at the differences between weather and climate. We will also be looking at the six components that make up the weather.