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Tuesday 22nd June


To understand homophones

Purple Mash – log on, go to 2Do’s, click on 2Do: Tuesday Spelling SUM1 WK2 – Quiz



To be able to write a setting description

Use the pictures in the side panel to create an interesting setting. Then use descriptive vocabulary to write a paragraph about the scene. This is similar to the piece you did last week on 'Cloud Tea Monkeys.'

Purple Mash – log on, go to 2Do’s, click on 2Do: Tuesday writing - setting description



To be able to round to the nearest 10, 100 or 1,000

You will find your worksheet and supporting resource on our class page.

Click on the school website – Class 11 – remote learning – Tuesday 22nd June



To be able to do something active 100 times

Earlier this year, we gave you the challenge to complete a physical activity 100 times. Maybe you’ll bounce a ball 100 times, do a chosen activity for 100 minutes or walk up and down your stairs until you reach 100 steps.  Anything goes and be creative.



Money, money, money

This lesson will consider why we have money… what’s the point of it? We will also look at why saving is important and different ways of paying for things.


You can choose to do the first 10 questions for each section (A, B and C) or you can challenge yourself by attempting the last 10 questions for each section. 

You will also find a sheet to help you work out the answers.