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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February


English – Grammar

To understand noun phrases and use extended noun phrases for description.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • three activities

Please complete Activity 3 only


English – Writing

To sequence and retell the opening

In this lesson, we will recap word class. We will then watch the opening scene of The BFG again and sequence and retell the main events. Finally, we will generate adjectives to describe how Sophie is feeling during the opening. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil.



Measuring and comparing length in mixed units (cm and mm)

Today we are going to be measuring different 2D shapes and comparing their perimeters in mixed units


History -   Ancient Egypt Hook Zoom afternoon

We have organised Burney Youth Theatre to host a special Ancient Egypt Introduction to bring our next History topic alive! This special zoom meeting will be instead of our normal afternoon zoom session and will start at 1pm and last till 2pm. Throughout this hour, there will be lots of exciting learning and tasks to complete. You will find the link to access this zoom on Class Story on Dojo. We look forward to seeing lots of you on Zoom!



Computing– typing practise challenge.

2Dos – Start on 1 (easiest) and build your challenge.

1. Home Row Keys

2. Home Row Keys

3. Home Row Keys