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Tuesday 2nd February

English – Grammar

In this lesson, we will learn how to use conjunctions to extend sentences. This lesson includes one video about how to use conjunctions in your writing and three activities.

Please complete Activity 3 today.


English – Writing

To explore 'being' verbs

In this lesson, children will be given a definition of 'being' verbs. First, they will identify the forms of the verb 'to be' in sentences. Then, they will look at plural and singular forms of the verb 'to be'. After that, they will look at past/present tense forms of the verb 'to be' and finally, they will complete a task where they need to choose the correct verb for each sentence.



Understanding that clocks have more than one scale

In this lesson you will learn that there are two measuring scales on a clock.


If you fancy an extra challenge, complete these worksheets below. Minutes to and minutes past.



Please log onto Purple Mash and go to your 2Do’s section. Find the lesson titled ‘haunted house’ and complete the challenges. Save and hand in your work for us to mark. Good luck!

Lesson 4 – haunted house



Pick a song, sing a-long, record and send it to us via Class Dojo! Remember, please check with your adult at home that your song choice is suitable.