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09.02.21 English Spelling: Suffixes: -ful and -less
Lesson 1- Spellings
To investigate suffixes: -ful and -less suffixes
In this lesson, we will explore the rules associated with adding the suffixes -ful and -less. 10 spelling words will be explained and set to learn.

09.02.21 English Reading:
Lesson 5- Walter Tull's Scrapbook by Michaela Morgana
To reflect upon the text we have read
In this lesson, we will re-read an extract and answer some language-based inference questions. The children's task will be to write a letter from the perspective of Walter Tull describing his time in the trenches. We will spend some time considering why Walter Tull was remarkable.

09.02.21 Maths:
Applying and consolidating: Word problems and bar models
In this lesson, we will be recapping how to use bar models to represent word problems which require addition or subtraction.

09.02.21 Geography: What are the countries of Europe? In this lesson, we will be learning about the continent of Europe. We will begin by identifying Europe on a world map. We will then identify other countries, including the United Kingdom, on the map of Europe.