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Ightenhill Primary School

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02.02.21 English Spelling
To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: Plural, including a test
In this lesson, we will practise the rules associated with adding suffixes to make plurals. We will learn how to practise using the 'best bet' strategy and will test the words previously set to learn.

02.02.21 English Reading
Lesson 5- There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar
To explore a theme
In this lesson, we will analyse the theme of 'fitting in'.

02.02.21 Maths
Subtracting from multiples of 1000
In this lesson, we will be exploring how to calculate from a multiple of 1000.

02.02.21 Geography
Lesson 4: What is the geography of England?
In this lesson, we will recap our knowledge of the seven continents, and locate the UK on a world map. We will then zoom into England and look at the different human and physical geographical features. We will then combine our knowledge of all of the UK countries and design a travel brochure! is the geography of England?