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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February


To revise when to use their, they're or there. This lesson includes two videos to help you understand the difference between their, they're and there and three activities.

Please complete Activity 1 and 2 only in this lesson.



To write the instructions for our monster pizza

In this lesson, we will recap the features of instructions and write the instructions for making a pizza for a monster using sequencing words, adverbs, adjectives and imperative verbs.



Making Appropriate Estimates of Length by Comparing

Today we are going to make appropriate estimates of length by using our cm estimators or dienes. We will also be comparing our estimates and the actual lengths


What are the physical features of Europe?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the four regions of Europe: Central Uplands, Western Uplands, North European Plain and Alpine Mountains. You will also learn about the tallest mountain in Europe and also the important rivers that divide up Europe.



100 Challenge

In memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, this week we are challenging you to complete something 100 times. Maybe you’ll bounce a ball 100 times, do a chosen activity for 100 minutes or walk up and down your stairs until you reach 100 steps.  

Anything goes and be creative. There is just one condition – the number 100 has to be involved.