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Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January


Watch Alphablocks 3.4


Read the words on the sheet titled ‘Reading -Wednesday 13th’ or try the sheet entitled ‘Reading 2 – Wednesday 13th’ if you want more of a challenge.



Practise writing the six words on the sheet ‘Reading – Wednesday 13th’. If your child is struggling with the whole word, just ask them to write the initial sound.

 After try to put one of the words into a simple sentence e.g. I have got a dog.



Start by playing this number song for your child to sing along to.


In this lesson, the children will work with number bonds to nine and ten, and look at how to break these numbers up into more than just two parts.


Understanding the World (My Family)

In this lesson, we join Mrs Garrard to think about how families and family members change over time. The children will make a family wall hanging, representing their family at this moment in time.