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Wednesday 20th January

English – Describing a setting

In this lesson, you will learn what settings are and how to describe them in your writing. As it is a writing focus, we would like you to try your best to use all the spelling and grammar rules we have practised so far.

This lesson includes one video about how to write a setting description and three activities. When you are writing your description, please remember to use full sentences using capital letters and full stops properly.


Maths – Multiplying and dividing by 3

This lesson is a recap of how to use your knowledge of the three times table to multiply and divide by three.

It includes two videos, one activity sheet and one online activity.

Remember to practise your 8 times table too. You could even begin to write them out or even get someone at home to test you on them.


Topic – History

How were Shang people's beliefs similar and different to other people's at the time?

In this lesson we will be learning about other civilisations from around the world at the same time as the Shang Dynasty. We'll think about some of the beliefs these different civilisations held, and how they are similar and different.